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Video Clip

Top-Rated AI Photo Face Swap Online Free

A 3-step easy photo face swap can bring you countless pleasures and joy. Whether it is an NSFW picture or GIF, Vidwud will do its best to replace faces with your desired ones.

Sexy Face Swap

Hot girls or online celebrities can appear in any picture you like with face swap, even if you want a nude face swap or deep fake face swap.
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GIF Face Swap

Face swap can also be used to make new memes by replacing faces in those already popular ones. Imagine that one of your friends in Chris Pratt’s body showing excitement, or Nicolas Cage being amused. Just unleash your creativity!
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Celebrity Face Swap

Using photo face swap would enable you to become anyone you’d like to be! Just imagine that your face is perfectly combined with celebrities’ bodies. Henry Cavill’s figure, Emma Waston’s outfit, or anyone you can think of can now be integrated with your face.
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Ground-Breaking Video Face Swap to Cover All Scenes

As a rare free video face swap tool available on the market, Vidwud face swap can help with changing faces in all kinds of videos including video clips recorded by you, any movies, animations you love, etc.

Video Clip Face Swap

Undesired faces appeared in the video clips you recorded. Or do you just want to play a joke by changing a friend’s face? Don’t worry about a thing, cause this video face swap can change the face with another you want without any traces.
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Movie Face Swap

Just imagine that you or anyone else wearing the Iron Man’s suit and soaring to the sky or bracing the wind on Titanic with Leonardo DiCaprio (in his 20s, of course) behind you. All these things can be realized since movie face swap with Vidwud is also supported.
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Anime Face Swap

Anime face swap would give you more freedom to explore the possibilities. Naruto with Sasuke’s face or vice versa, Eren with Mikasa’s face slaughtering Krojins, or anyone’s face with Pikachu’s body, etc. All these creations must be interesting for you to unlock.
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Industry-Leading Face Swap Online Free Tool

This brilliant AI face swap can keep surprising you with the following merits.
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Free AI Face Swap

Vidwud face swap for photos and videos is completely free to use. No subscription, or anything like credits or coins to buy. Just prepare your photos or videos to use this free tool.

Fast Generation

Free means slow generation or need to queue? Vidwud says No. A few seconds are all needed to get your face swap results. 

Advanced Face Swap

Top-tier face swap technology makes Vidwud outstanding. Its advanced algorithm and photo processing technology can ensure a face is perfectly matched with another body.

Natural & Realistic Results

Unnatural face swap results would make people in the photos look fake. Vidwud face swap works on that point and can always generate natural and realistic results like the new photo has just been taken by someone.

Easy-to-Access Online Platform

No need to download and can be accessed by any device with no boundaries, Vidwud face swap is just devoted to offering better AI services to users like you.

How to Face Swap in 3 Easy Steps

Follow the 3 easy steps to generate your perfect face swap photos or videos.
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Step 1
Upload your original photo or video
from your PC or Smartphone to Vidwud face swap
Step 2
Choose the target face that you want
to swap the face in the original photo
Step 3
Click the Face Swap Now button
to generate your realistic AI face swap in seconds

FAQs of AI Face Swap

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